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my anaconda dont want none if you aint got buns hun

when you testing out a product you been thinkin about buying

making a decision between two things like

literally just having some fun slapping a fine butt

at first I was sobbing because suits but now i am just legitimately scared of Louis

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  • Nicki: fuck them skinny bitches
  • Me: YAS! I ain't shit!

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Suicune’s  weave game was hella strong tbh




i didnt get a boner watching nickis anaconda video does that mean im gay? 

im gay and i got a boner

I’m a girl and I got a boner

My anaconda was WAY up

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I just feel so relieved every time I go to get tested for STD/STI’s and HIV when the results come back negative.

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Hunty Squad comin to slay

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